What Should I Write A Book About

Discover What You Should Write A Book About

Writing a book is a great idea, but for a lot of people it is very difficult to figure out what they should be writing about.

With that being the case, we are going to make sure you have a good foundation to start your writing and then you can know for certain if you are going to be writing a book about something that interest you or if you will be writing a book about a non fiction story or if you will be writing just to be writing and impress people.

Here are some of the steps to help you narrow down the focus of the book you are going to write.

what should i write a book about

Find Something That Interest You

The first step to writing anything is it has to interest you. If it does not interest you it will start to become a labor and this is going to make it impossible for you to finish your work.

However, you should realize that it needs to be something that you think other people will like reading as well. Writing about your great Aunt Martha because you found her life interesting does not mean that everyone is going to like hearing about your aunt.

So you should make sure the topic is interesting to you, but also appealing to others.

Knowledge Is Key

This is something else you will want to have before you start to write your book or you could find yourself stopping in the middle of the book and having to do research.

Starting and stopping all the time can drag out the book writing process quite a bit longer than what you expect.

Then you will have some problems of getting the book done in a timely manner.

So this is something that you need to have before you even start to write.

If you are writing a fact based book, you will want to make sure you are getting all the facts verified from several different sources.

By doing this you can start to get the information that you need and know it is accurate and will not lead to you presenting the information wrongly.

So this is something else that you need to think about before you even start to get the fact based books written up.

Expected Length Of The Book

An important aspect people do not think about when they are starting to write the book and that is the length of the book.

People need to find a topic they are knowledgeable about, but also going to be able to put down enough of a length to make a book.

Remember not everyone is going to be able to produce a book that is thousands of pages long, but in most cases unless it is a book meant for children the book should be at least a hundred pages or so longer.

At times the books can be descriptive enough they are going to be shorter, but these books are usually packed full of images and other information as well.

It will help in keeping the people interested in the book, but the images are going to help explain the situation even more than what people are expecting to see.

Type Of Publishing Format

You will find their are a lot of different formats that they can use to get the books published. Writers should know about the format they are planning on using to publish the book.

By knowing this it will make the decision on what to write a lot easier than what people were expecting. For example, if people are going to be using an Ebook format they will be able to get away with writing a shorter book, but also one that has more images.

However, if people are going to use a traditional print style of book they will have more editing to do and they have to do the job of finding a company that will print the book for them.

Profit From The Book

This is another aspect that a lot of people think about as well. When they are writing a book they will want to make some money from the book.

The problem is it can be hard to find a book that will make them money until they get out and start to write. So this goes back to finding a topic that people are going to like to read about.

Please read my article about keyword research which can give you an idea of what people want to read before starting.

By finding an interesting topic it will make it easier for people to find a topic they enjoy writing about, but also make it easier for people to know they can profit from the book because people are going to want to read about the information contained in the book.

Have Fun Writing

The key to making a good book that is going to sell is to have fun while writing the book up. Normally people who are writing a topic for college are forced to write it and this is why the information can seem forced at times and boring.

That is because the people are not having fun while they are writing. This shows up in the writing they are doing and makes the topics seem very boring and dull.

When people have fun writing about the topic they are covering they are going to reflect this in the way the information is presented.

Being able to write a book can be very rewarding for multiple reasons. In some cases, though, people need to identify the thought process and steps that are needed to successfully write a book.

I hope the article presented here it will help people to get the book written and have fun while they are writing the book. Then they will make money doing something they love to do and isn’t that what we all want.