How Long Does It Take To Get A Book Published

getting a book published

Does It Take Long To Get A Book Published?

Getting a book published is among the greatest thrills of a writer’s life, whether it’s a small run of self published books or the latest in a series of solid sellers.

Modern mass production techniques as well as the spread of mass literacy have created both a vast market for new books to be published as well as a wider audience for any kind of book imaginable, be it a science fiction thriller, a whimsical illustrated children’s book or even outright erotica focused on a very specific style.

Given the proliferation of books in the modern era, unprecedented mere decades ago, it should come as no surprise that there are also more authors.

Many authors are turning to even more unprecedented outlets for publishing to bring their visions to life. Of particular note are electronic books, computer files filled with the text and images of the book to be read on any compatible device, be it a desktop computer or a smart phone powerful enough to handle an entire book.

Tablet devices such as the iPad are growing in popularity for this purpose among others, becoming portable entertainment systems that can allow users to read books as readily as watch movies or play simple video games.

These devices are changing the way we live and this tide of technology seems to grow by the day.

The Kindle Device

One device is the Amazon Kindle. Produced by online retailer Amazon it has since gone on to become the most popular digital book reader device in the world.

While millions of books published in hard copy form are available on the Kindle, perhaps even more astonishing is the sheer number of specialty books available only on the Kindle.

A large number of authors in specialized niches ranging from English haikus to small press roleplaying games have begun to send their products to Amazon to be sold as digital downloads for the Kindle.

This service does not cost the authors anything beyond a cut of the profits Amazon makes providing the bandwidth and market for these books.

Publishing for the Kindle

Like many forms of digital publications running on large retail networks, Amazon does not let absolutely anyone publish anything they want on their platform.

Though it may be something of a stretch to call it true quality control, Amazon does not allow certain material to use their distribution network.

This include plagiarized content, painfully ineptly written books and many forms of offensive content, such as hate speech and pornography.

While Amazon has absolutely allowed some questionable books to use their distribution network, they do go out of their way to prevent themselves from being sued for content their unpaid authors are trying to sell through them.

On the other hand, beyond basic quality control to prevent lawsuits, practically any author with access to a computer and an internet connection can publish via Amazon’s Kindle distribution system, no matter what their level of skill.

If their book can be properly read, it can absolutely be published via the Kindle distribution network.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Book Published?

The answer is “it depends”. Amazon’s quality control is not entirely performed by automated programs, but rather mostly by human beings. This means that there can absolutely be a wide variety in the amount of time it takes to get a book published on the Kindle distribution network.

Sometimes it can take a matter of hours and sometimes it can stretch into weeks.

Fortunately, Amazon is a bookseller rather than a publisher, meaning that authors need not rely entirely on Amazon (Amazon claims only the rights to the Kindle version of the book, though cautious authors should read the terms of service) to publish their work.

A short book that does not ping the radar of any of the automated systems will likely be published in a few hours.

A book that does ping the radar of the automated systems, however, likely will require a review by human beings.

A short book will likely get reviewed and sent to the Kindle network sooner, while a ponderously long book will take longer.

Additionally, certain content may set Amazon’s quality controllers on edge, leading to a longer review time, if not outright rejection.