How hard is it to get a book published

Tired of hearing about those horror stories.

Yes, you might be pondering going down the traditional route as well. However, you might not have to. Let others deal with those horror stories while you move along towards a safer option.

What would this option be? It comes in the form of Kindle Publishing of course.

This is a compelling option and a popular way to publish your book as needed.

I will show you that its not hard to get a book published.

Bare with me.

difficulties of publishing an ebook

Traditional Route For Authors

Before moving towards Kindle Publishing, let’s break down the traditional route and how hard it can be for you to get a book published.

It is always easier to understand the advantages of online publishing when you see the hurdles of traditional publishing.

The traditional route involves hiring agents (up to you) and contacting publishers. They sift through your read and see if it fits their requirements.

In most cases, they won’t like it and are going to send an email stating their “reason for rejection.”

You might even have to wait months on end for this refusal to come through!

Look at some of the biggest authors in the world. You will notice they have been rejected multiple times. It happens and sometimes the quality of your book has nothing to do with it.

You are shooting in the dark, and if they don’t have a need for your book, they’ll say no without reading a word.

You can immediately start to see where the hurdles arise with this alone. Well, this is just the beginning. You might get lucky and see an approval come in.

All this approval will ask for is a full copy.

They can reject you after they go through the entire read or in the best case scenario, they will ask for a full edit.

This can once again take months on end and will not leave you a happy author.

Being frustrated with the process because of these hurdles and giving up is totally understandable.

Only those who persevere make it through and that can be tough when you are struggling to make ends meet as many authors are.

For most authors, a book takes 1-2 years to publish after their initial submission. As you can imagine, this might not be something you are looking for.

Information On Kindle Publishing

So, what do you do then? What is the best route for you to take as an author that is hoping to get into the industry?

How do you gain “experience” as they would say? Well, the good thing is, you might never have to go down the traditional route again.

Kindle Publishing has over 43 million readers, and this number is growing. You can publish on their online platform to make sales.

Multiple authors are making millions of dollars on this platform. You could be one of them to as long as you put up good work.

This is an online publishing tool providing authors with an editor-free (to some extent) experience. You have to meet their established requirements, but after this, you will be ready.

The publishing process does not take long after you prepare a cover page and formatted text file.

Upload these onto their platform and get ready for them to vet what you have sent. This usually takes 24 – 48 hours at most. The book is then published, and you are sent an email. Yes, it is that easy!

You will never have to wait for a year before getting your book in front of readers.

This is the power of online publishing. You can make it happen without any issue.

kindle publishing


What are the advantages of Kindle Publishing? Well, you are going to get the opportunity to have your book up in a day or two. This is far better than a traditional publisher.

You are also reducing the amount of money being given to anyone else. Amazon takes a percentage of your sale, but this is far less than what you would give to a traditional publisher.

You are also not bound by a contract. So, you can remove the book from their platform as you like.

This is also one of the biggest markets in the world when it comes to eBooks. You are able to tap into this and extract as much value as you want.

Imagine being able to get even a fraction of this audience to buy your book. It would lead to thousands of dollars.

Kindle Publishing is the way of the future and those who are jumping on will maximize their profits. Authors are recommended to start here because of how easy it is.

Stop going through traditional routes when you don’t have to. Give this option a chance because it might be the only platform you require as an author when looking to earn money.

Thank you internet and Amazon Kindle Publishing for making life easy for us.

See its not that hard to get a book published after all.