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Publishing Has Never Been So Easy

Is it time to publish your eBook? Where are you going to begin? For most people, the hassle associated with this process can be demoralizing.

Well, you might be able to go down a path that is easier and will ensure your book is published. Which path is going to provide such a luxury you may ask?

Kindle Publishing is the answer to your question. Here is more on the platform and how to publish an ebook from beginning to end.

1) Prepare Document And Cover Page

The first step is going to be away from Kindle. This is when you will develop the document (i.e. format it) and your cover page. There are set guidelines in place when it comes to these requirements, so you will have to sift through them.

This will be covered in the next step.

Before looking into that aspect, you want to ensure the foundation is in place.

So, go through the editing required for your document to become flawless. You are recommended to go through it at least twice and even get multiple people to read the work.

It is all about ensuring silly mistakes don’t get in the way of your book and what it offers.

Ebooks are unique because you are easily able to publish them (using Kindle), and that can start to invoke laziness. A person assumes they can make changes along the way (which they can!) and put out an average product. However, you still have to understand the power of a first impression.

So, begin by getting the document and cover page prepared. After this is done, it is time to start looking at the next step.

2) Understand Kindle Guidelines

You are now expected to look at the guidelines. Publishing on Kindle is not about putting any odd file up and assuming it is going to be okay. Some files work, and others don’t.

Kindle publishing requires a good understanding of these guidelines, or you won’t be able to get the book published.

What are these guidelines all about? Well, they can be found here. Go through the information on this page and make sure your files are following what has been written down.

Some of the key guidelines you will want to factor in would be cover page sizing, table of contents, copyright pages, and other related information.

Have all of this taken care of so you are not asked to do it a day later once their system has vetted your book.

It will only waste your time, and it is something you should be prepared for. Ebook publishing is easy as long as you are paying attention to the guidelines they have in place. They are not impossible to follow, and most of the work will already be done when you start.

3) Create Account

So, now that you have the files ready to go, it is time to move onto the next step. You will create an account with Kindle Publishing.

Go through the simple form that is in place after you type in the address into your search bar. Be patient and make sure all of the information is correct.

You might be asked to fill in tax information as well, so it would be smart to take care of this as well. Do not leave this for later (if possible) because it will have to be completed anyway.

You can’t collect payments until you have filled out this information.

Amazon is legally compliant, so you will have to adhere to these rules or they won’t process payments. They are strict about this and rightly so.

You have to be patient and go through this step by step because not only does it keep them safe, it also ensures you are not committing tax fraud.

This rule applies to US and foreign authors. Keep this in mind when you learn how to publish an eBook on this platform.

Once your account has been prepared, double check the information you have put in by going to your account profile. This is when you can move to the next step.

4) Start Publishing

Well, now it is time to get to the fun part. This is when you are going to begin the publishing setup that will take your eBook to the next part of the process.

To start publishing, you are going to click “Bookshelf”. This will take you to a page with all of the books you have published or are publishing.

For a new author, you will have an empty page. However, you are looking for a link that says “Create New Title.”

Click this and start filling in the details. You will be asked for an array of information on this page. It is not a long process as long as you have the necessary files and a product description ready.

Most authors prepare this beforehand and just copy/paste everything.

If not, you will have to fill this out step by step.

Also, you will be asked to fill out information such as the price point you desire. When doing this, you should be looking at what other books are priced at in your niche. It can make it easier to sell.

You don’t want to price your book right out of the market as some people do.

5) Learn To Optimize Description And Use Keywords

Before you submit the book and let Amazon go to work on your eBook, it is essential to optimize the listing. Your book is going onto Amazon’s search engine in essence. So, you have to treat it like a site owner would when putting their site up on Google.

You want to outrank others in your niche for primary keywords.

Let’s say you are putting up a book with salad recipes. You will want to rank for keywords people search up in this niche. Maybe, thousands of people are searching for “best salad recipes” when entering Amazon?

You want to get your eBook to show up on top.

How do you do this? After all, this is the most important question you are going to have.

It is easy to do. You have to go the search bar and type in one word related to your niche. For the example given here, you would type in “salad” and see what comes up.

Amazon will give you a list of suggestions showing what others have searched for in the past.

Use these keywords and write them down immediately. This is a big part of natural marketing as you learn how to publish an eBook.

Go back to the publishing page and add all of these keywords into your product description. Do this seamlessly because it should not come across as spam.

Remember, readers will be going through this description, so you don’t want to come across as a spammer.

Also, add these keywords into the “keywords” section near the bottom of the first page. You are allowed seven related keywords. Use all seven and it will help you rank.

6) Wait For Amazon To Go Through Text

Now, you have to go through the waiting period. For most books, it is going to require a mere 24 hours for their system to go through the book. While, there are larger books that might need 48 hours, but this is rare and should not be treated as the norm.

Just wait for Amazon to go through the book and it will state things are “pending” as you wait.

Eventually, when they have done the checkup, you will get an email sent to your primary account. It will state the book has been published with a direct link to your sales page. Click it and take a look at everything. Does it look good? Can you see it selling?

If yes, you have done the work that has to be completed. Your book is now up for sale, and you have essentially learned how to publish an eBook.

7) Begin Selling (Or Marketing)

You have two options now since the page is up.

You can either let things stay as is and enjoy as Amazon’s marketing kicks in. They have a great marketing system in place, and they sell products with ease.

You will be able to tap into this, but you might want a lot more. They have a KDP Select program where you have to remain exclusive to them (can’t publish on any other platform) and in return, they give you promotional tools.

These tools are powerful and do work. So, you will be able to see a rise in sales by doing this.

For those who don’t want to go down that road, you can start marketing on your own. Use social media as leverage because Amazon links are trustworthy. People will buy from them when it comes to eBooks.

This is all you are going to need to know when learning how to publish an eBook. You might think it is tough, but it will be a breeze as long as you are following the steps listed here.

Begin your publishing journey with a platform as powerful as this. It is worthwhile and will make you a lot of money when done right.

Hope this helped. It was just an overview but I hope that you can see how easy it can be. I will be expanding on the steps provided in future article so if you got theĀ gist of the process then I am happy:)

Please share below if you have found the article worthy. If not let me know how I can improve it.

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